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Visa Bridge Corporation - Who are we? 


Visa Bridge Corporation is a renowned private company that provides best in class outsourced Visa application solutions to our clients.


We have gained many years’ experience serving as a reliable Visa processing center. Visa Bridge Corporation continuously thrives to providing its Clients (Governments/Embassies) with new solutions for new challenges.


We have evolved over the years using modern technology to facilitate visa application processes, reduce processing time, applying robust screening, and equally adhering to local and international privacy laws.

We have deployed our solution to over 51 countries across 5 continents, working with international and local partners to deploy our solutions to Government institutions as well as the private sector.


Our Values
Visa Bridge Corporation  can proud itself of the good high standard of customer service it has delivered to its clients over the years. Thanks to the trainings provided to our employees, we treat new and existing customers in the same manner. We stress on transparency and audit trial of all what we do. Customer satisfaction is always our ultimate goal.


Our Mission

Our goal is to build long lasting collaboration with our clients based on Trust and loyalty.


We aim to strengthen the image of countries we work with; by promoting the un-exposed nice places to visit, and facilitate the process to go there.


Our long term Goal will be to get all-our cleints evolve and migrate from the traditional cartoon visas which do not meet International Aviation Standards to Biometric visas.


In this regard,Visa Bridge Corporation has developed advanced knowledge and experience in implementing Visitor Management Systems for countries.