Guide to starting a business in Uganda


uganda 01Uganda is a great place to start a business, known as “The Pearl of Africa”. Uganda’s economy and market have grown dramatically over the past few years. If you want to invest in Uganda the markets are great and plentiful. Uganda has so many great resources. There is a growing market in the jewellery business with precious stones.





Why invest?



  • High Economic Growthuganda 03
  • Year-on-year GDP growth, stable inflation and exchange rate
  • Very sound macroeconomic management and robust fiscal descipline

Robust Governance


  • A clear vision for growth throng private investment set out by the Government
  • Politically stable with well-functioning institutions, rule of a zero tolerance for corruption


Investor friendly climate

uganda 02


  • Increasingly attractive destination for foreign investors
  • The most competitive place to do business in East Africa


Markets access/ access to markets


  • A market situation with a rapidly growing middle class


Excellent Labour Market



  • Uganda has a very high labour efficiency and offers an excellent and flexible supply of labour



Untapped Opportunities


  • Potential opportunities for investment; particularly in the following sector:
  • Infrastructure, Agriculture, Energy, Tourism, informationand communication Technology, Mining, Financial services, Real estate and construction manufacturing


Please contact the economic department of the Ugandan Embassy for more information.